What is your daily writing goal?

With this novel I’m working on (and proudly 25,000 words into!) I keep thinking one question: how many words/pages/hours a day is enough?

Right now, my goal is 35,000 words in one month, about 1,166 a day. Some days I write 4,000, other days 0. It usually winds up evening out, especially on long weekends like this where I have so much time to myself.

What is your daily writing goal? Does it help to have a goal, or do you just get depressed when you don’t meet it? How do you feel about setting a low goal so that, no matter what, you usually surpass it?


Additionally: are there times, places, or days that you write better? Are you a bourbon-at-hand, sitting-at-home writer, a coffee at a cafe writer, a procrastinator writer, or some other type?



One thought on “What is your daily writing goal?

  1. I used to write everyday, all the time, but for the past year or more I’ve stopped doing so. I started up my blog recently to get me back on track. It’s helping, greatly. Everyday I write something small based on a writing prompt. I really like it and I’m itching to start a longer term project, but I feel that I need to do this for a while yet. Goals are great to have. I have found that if I set a writing goal I tend to keep my writing on par, then when I just decide to start something.

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